Welcome to Side door.

Launch your career WHILE you learn—not after.

College is a waste of time and money for many career paths. You spend four years (or more) “learning” from expensive textbooks and overburdened professors, only to find yourself struggling to get a job after graduation.

You can’t meet employers’ experience requirements, and you blend in with the thousands of other college grads who got the same degree as you.

You need another way in. The Side door.


From the founder of GigLoft, which received these testimonials:

“Loving it! Mission after mission. The missions encourage me to put time on my calendar and get work done!” – Justin Harris


The gamified process made me keen to succeed get to the next level. I now have several recurring clients and will soon be actioning my location independent dreams!” – Ben Mercer


“You guys got me off to a great start. I’ve been writing like crazy.” – Jimmy Verner, Lose the Legalese

What is Side door, anyway?

On Side door, you build real projects for real companies that you pick. You simultaneously learn and network your way into your next career. You create yourself and your own opportunities.

Here’s how it works.


🎮 Learn by playing.

Side door feels like a game that you play instead of a course you take. You’re gonna go through some kind of career education, so why not make it fun?


🏃 At your own pace.

Not all successful people learn quickly. We’re all created differently. Just take your time and play the long game of creating yourself.


🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Alongside others.

You’re in control, but not alone. Other learners and people working in your field use Side door to find each other and work together.

Ready to begin?

We’ve all been there: curious, inexperienced but doing our best, and just hoping someone will give us a chance. This is your chance. It’s the Side door into your next career.

Side door is only $5/month to start (because you need some skin in the game), and you can choose to invest as much into your continuing education as you desire.

The most successful people take action quickly and learn to fail quickly—because you learn faster and get farther that way.

Are you ready to take action?


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