Side door

Start your customer success career while you’re still learning.

We’ve all been there: curious, inexperienced but learning, and just hoping someone will give us a chance.

This is that chance. It’s your Side door into career opportunities for people who aren’t afraid to start learning on their own.

When can you start?




“Loving it! Mission after mission. The missions encourage me to put time on my calendar and get work done!” – Justin Harris


The gamified process made me keen to succeed get to the next level. I now have several recurring clients and will soon be actioning my location independent dreams!” – Ben Mercer


“You guys got me off to a great start. I’ve been writing like crazy.” – Jimmy Verner, Lose the Legalese

What is Side door, anyway?

Okay, okay. A little about us.

🎮 Side door is a game-like learning experience.

It’s a course that you play instead of “take.” The point is to learn by doing, so why not make it fun while you’re logged in? (We do our best, but we’ll need your opinions while you play.)

🌍 At the center of a supportive community of other humans.

It‘s not just what you know—it’s also who you know. Taking the Side door gets you both. In fact, they’re indistinguishably blended together like a cold Neapolitan milkshake on a hot summer day.

🧑‍🎨 Built for the sole purpose of letting people create themselves.

We’re all on this wild ride called life together, so we might as well help each other become as awesome as possible. Our mission is to help people create themselves and experience true self-actualization.

Ready to begin?

The most successful people take action as soon as they’re confident they can learn something.

Here’s how it works.

🤹 Learn by doing.

Complete challenges—not to earn points, but to level-up your real customer success abilities. (And to tap more & more into flow while you do it.)


🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Alongside others.

Why wouldn’t we connect you to other customer success people building their careers too? Learn from the pros, make friends, collab on projects! Or don’t. (It’s your call, but you’d be missing out. 😉)


🏃 At your own pace.

Not all successful people learned super-fast in a self-guided setting. We’re all created differently. Just take your time and play the long game of creating yourself.


How much does it cost?

Side door is free to start playing. Once you begin leveling up, you can choose to pay $22/month to keep leveling up.

(Which will take you further than $22,000 in student loans ever could. 😉)


Still scrolling?

Listen, maybe it’s not for you. That’s okay. See if your questions have been answered in our FAQs, or reach out to us via email with another question.


Do you only do customer success?

Yes and we will offer more, very very soon. What would you like to learn?

Why should I pay you when I can learn for free on the internet?

We’re not replacing what you get from the internet—we’re guiding you on that journey. 😊

Can I get a refund if I hate it?

Totally. We only accept payment from people who love Side door.

Where did you get the name “Side door”?

That’s for you to find out… when you walk through it 👀

Nothing else yet! Reach out to us via email with your question :)

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